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Defenders of Mathematica

Guardians Defenders of Mathematica is a KS2 Maths learning game. Featuring a complete quite of original characters and fantastic beasts set within ten realms inside the Kingdom of Mathematica.

You can choose between twenty-four different characters and customise their appearance based upon treasure rewards earn through advancing through the game. There is a short training section, then you can choose between ten different KS2 math subject areas. Each area is set within a realm of the Kingdom and is under attack.

Dragons, wizards, giant spiders, spirit beasts, trolls and hobgoblins will challenge you in each subject. You have ten questions to get answer.

We not only created a multitude of different math engines for all the subject areas, but also made the engines dynamic, so every time you play, you will get different problems.

As you advance your knowledge the game levels up, making the questions harder. Success brings treasure from the Queen.