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Let’s continue with today’s new batch of adventurous games, kids, because we have prepared for you some really special games, in which you boys will definitely have some fun with your favorite cartoon characters. We all know Ben Tennyson’s story, and how he changed his name into the famous superhero Ben 10, and today, you kids are actually going to play a new adventure game with your favorite superhero. Ben 10 has a really important mission today, and you boys must help him. Dr Animo sent his minions to retrieve some components of a very important device, which, used by the wrong hands, could do pretty much damage to this planet. Ben 10, his cousin Gwen and his grandfather, Max, also went looking for those components, because they do not want to let Dr Animo get his hands on all the components from the Transmodulator. Help Ben 10 face all the creatures and defeat them. Good luck!