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Toon Cup 2019 is here, a great football game with cartoon characters. If you liked Toon Cup 2018, you'd definitely enjoy playing this one. Select a country from around the world, pick your favorite cartoon players like Ben ten, Raven, Gumball, Teen Titans, and work as a team to become champions. The game offers a quick match to train your skills or to play a random football match. When you are ready for competitions, play the tournament mode and be the team that wins the trophy in the final game. To move your players on the football pitch, use the arrow keys. Pass the ball to your teammates, steal or tackle the opponents with space. When ready to strike the ball into the goal, be sure to power up to the appropriate amount of force needed for striking and score a goal. Toon Cup 2019 is a fast-paced cartoon football game that is fun and hope you’ll enjoy the gameplay.

Toon Cup 2019 is the newest installment into the series where you can play football. You will be able to choose characters from popular animated movies. At the beginning you will pick between a normal game or a tournament game. If you play the game for the first time, we recommend you try the normal game where you can try out the controls. After that you can start playing the tournament. Pick your country and your favorite characters into your team. Your objective is simple, defeat everyone and win all of the matches. That will allow you to win the tournament. Be sure to brag to the other players by being the best on the score board. So, enjoy!