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Puss in boots goes to advance ahead via rolling on a barrel. Your assignment is to help him get as many coins from the road as possible, and when you see power-ups, seize them as well, since they may show very useful, for certain! There may also be enemies for your course, so ensure to leap over them, considering the fact that in the event that they touch you too many times, you lose. To do all these items, you will be jumping, and to leap, you operate the space bar.

Puss in Boots Will Progress forward by rolling onto a Cone.Your job would be to help him get as many coins out of the street as you can, and if you visit power-ups, catch them too, since they'll prove quite helpful, for sure! There'll also be enemies in the path, so be certain that you jump on them, because if they reach you a lot of occasions, you lose. To do these things, you'll be leaping and also to jump, you utilize the space bar.