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Paper racer is a splendid and unusual racing recreation in that you have to trip a bike through a series of different tracks and challenges. What makes this sport unusual is that the pictures are all hand drawn and appear as if you are racing thru a coloring e book. To start with, you can input the career mode and take the tutorials to get used to the sport mechanics – the tutorials will display you a way to control the motorbike, and the exceptional elemental influences you'll stumble upon consisting of gravity changes, guns, bombs and loops.

Once you have completed the tutorial, you can continue with the career mode and try to complete each level. The gameplay is fantastic but challenging, and the different obstacles and gameplay variety is superb. Aside from the career mode, you can also go head to head against other players, design your own tracks and purchase different vehicles and avatars from the store. Jump into the world of paper racing today!


  • Up arrow to move forward
  • Left and right arrow to tilt
  • Z or space bar to turn around