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We are making our return to the boomerang games category, since we have seen how much you have been enjoying the previous sport games we have added in it, so we have no doubt at all that the same thing is going to be true for the two new ones you will be playing here today, starting with boomerang all stars basket zorb, since basketball games have not been added here before. Because you can choose to play with characters from multiple shows, this game will also be found in the following pages: new looney tunes games, tom and jerry games, be cool scooby doo games, bunnicula games, the happos family games, dorothy and the wizard of oz games, and wacky races games. Start by choosing one of these shows. With the mouse you click and drag a line, which is going to be the trajectory your ball takes. The balls contain characters from the show you have chosen. Do your best to get the ball into the hoop as many times as possible, because that is how you get points, and before the 60 seconds go out on you, you should try to get a really big score. Have fun then, like only here is possible!