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The three lovely bears from your favorite cartoon We Bare Bears went to see a wonderful movie at the cinema in the Shush Ninjas Game. But the audience is way too noisy. Chewing all that popcorn loudly, leaving all the phones ring, talking with each other, it looks like everything is ruining the film. Somebody needs to do something to put an end to all that noise so that the bears could enjoy the movie quietly. Can you help them and become the next shush ninja?

How to play the game:

Tell every person in the movie theatre that makes too much noise to keep it down. Do this by simply clicking on the noisy persons. You will see each one of them merely popping up loudly chewing from a bag of popcorn, sipping from a bottle of juice or answering their phones. It is quite disturbing, is it not? The bears can not pay attention to the movie and enjoy it properly.

So click on the noisy people, sneak in among the ones that watch the movie, go through the chairs quietly and shush them all. As you shush more and more people, they will get noisier as time passes. So act quick and pay close attention to the noisy ones, to make sure they do not go unnoticed. If two loud people are standing next to each other, there will be two ninja bears shushing at the same time.

Be extra careful at the bar located on the top of the screen. It is meant to measure the level of noise present in the movie theatre. If it reaches the maximum point, it is too noisy for the bears to bare it so you would have to start again. Just be careful and do not miss any of the noisemakers. Do not let the bar tell you it is too noisy; do not let it stop the fuzzy bears from enjoying the lovely movie.

If you have ever been in a situation where you could not enjoy a movie because of the noisy people in the cinema, then it is time for you to step up and help the bears watch it quietly!