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In the game Max Steel: Match and Destroy, we will get to the test site where different heroes are trained. Max Steele is training here today. We will help you to develop your skills in shooting and to train accuracy. Our hero will stand at a certain point. A wall of multicolored force balls will approach him. He must destroy them. After all, if they reach our hero and touch him, then there will be an explosion. For this he will use special charges. He will need to aim to throw these objects into balls so that the charge falls into exactly the same color in the object. This will lead to their destruction, and you will earn points.

Yes, we have them, something for which we are very happy, just like you probably are as well, considering that the previous games we have added here yesterday have all been played many times, which can only mean that you are loving them, so it is always a great pleasure to bring new games into a category which we know that our visitors love to go into and play games with. Max Steel Match and Destroy is probably going to be most different from the other games in the category, so we are now going to explain it, so pay attention! Well, orbs of different colors are going to come towards you from the right to the left. With the mouse you are going to aim and shoot orbs towards them, with the goal of making groups of three or more identical orbs of the same color so that they are afterwards removed, and you get points in return. Of course, you only win the level if you remove all the orbs, and you have to make sure to accomplish it before they reach Max, on the left, because if that happens, you lose the game. Good luck to everyone, and we hope you will have as much fun as we did, which was a lot! Forestry Games Team.