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Super Spice Dash is an interesting running game made about food. In this game you need to control a drumstick to run on a dangerous and beautiful road. There are many obstacles on your road, be attention to it. Have fun!

Are you ready for a tasty adventure? Collect spices as you tumble through each level in this highly addicting Temple Run style game. Avoid all of the obstacles, stay on top of the platform and collect super spicy peppers.

How to play: Tap left or right or use your arrow keys to move and Spacebar to jump.
The game runs at a beautifully fast pace, utilising pixi.js under the hood with a whole new set of custom render objects to handle the road. It works on mobile but is pushing the pedal to the metal, so cheap Android tablets will suffer under the strain, but it certainly played smoothly on our iPad and Nexus 7. It’s a really fine example of a global brand adopting an HTML5 game for a major promotion to hit as many platforms as possible.